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Turkey which holds with regards to richest existing potantial natural reserves of world located in Alpine Himalayan Orogeny. In recent years because of financial and technological investments in natural stone factories and quarries all around Turkey, she became one of the most important producer and exporter in world natural stone market. All the natural stone factories and quarries operated in Turkey are by private sector investments. Implementing modern quarry production methods and lastest technologies in lastest years; Turkey has became the one within the biggest seven producers in world natural stone market.

Lastest researches show that; there are many types of different colour and pattern travertine species exist in Turkey. Today, 90% of marble quarries are operated in Aegean, Marmara and Central Anatolia regions whereas because of its mountainous landfroms East Anatolia has newest and richest marble reserves for to operate. Denizli, Burdur-Bucak, Mersin-Mut and Sivas is the main cities that have important marble quarries and factories located.

You can find in our web page different coloured and patterned main Turkish travertines. We can easily fulfill your block, slab, cut-to-size, split face, mosaics travertine demands.