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Silver Travertine Flooring Silver Travertine Flooring
Silver Travertine Villa and Building Entrance Silver Travertine Villa and Building Entrance
Silver Travertine Indoor Flooring Silver Travertine Indoor Flooring
Silver Travertine Pool Edge Flooring Silver Travertine Pool Edge Flooring
Silver Travertine Bathroom Application Silver Travertine Bathroom Application
Silver Travertine Garden Flooring Silver Travertine Garden Flooring
Product name : Silver Travertine
Colour : Silver
Hardness : 3,5 (Mohs)
Density : 2.7253 kg/m³
Compressive Strength : 107.9 MPa
Water Absorption : %0.38
Porosity : %2.11
>Weather Impact : Resistant
Application Areas :

Indoor & Outdoor Flooring, Wall Cladding Applications, Stairs and Ornamental Applications.


Silver Travertine is one of the most popular and original travertine varieties of the world and is being quarried and processed in the factories of Iran and Turkey. Because of its different silver color scales, the most varieties belong to Iran in the silver travertines, which are known with different names in the natural stone market. In Iran Silver Travertines, production and demand are becoming more on vein-cut products because of the cleaner waterveins, while production is cross-cut in Turkish Silver Travertines. While most of the production of the Turkish Silver Travertine varieties is made in the United States and European markets, demand usually comes from French pattern sets with aged and tumbled surface treatments. Due to the fact that the technology investments made in the natural stone sector in Iran are not in sufficient level, Iranian Silver travertine products are produced in Turkish factories by importing blocks from Iran.

Turkish and Iranian Silver Travertine varieties are prefered in narrow space applications such as pool sides but they can be prefered in wide applications because of their homogeneous color structure. Silver Travertine, which is a natural stone produced in factories in Turkey with the reason of not being much competitors in the world, is one of Turkey's important natural stone export items as a result of its processing with advanced technology machines. Turkish and Iranian Silver Travertines which do not have a perforated surface due to the high quality of the quarries and blocks but also the hardness grade has the same performance as the other traverten types. Iran Silver Travertenines are among the most popular and sought after travertine varieties in terms of architects and designers seeking alternative products due to the high color diversity. Turkey and Iran increase their natural stone products range by opening new Silver Travertine quarries and also increase ratio of price / quality by introducing new products into the world natural stone market.

Due to having the biggest Silver Travertine quarries in the world, Turkey and Iran Silver Travertine varieties are known with different kinds and names. Known throughout the world, it is well known for its Titanium Travertine, Travertino Silver, Ash Travertine, Silver Blue Travertine, Persian Silver Travertine, Snake Skin Travertine and Silver Brown Travertine.