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Marina Travertine Wall Cladding Marina Travertine Wall Cladding
Marina Travertine Deck Flooring Marina Travertine Deck Flooring
Product Name : Marina Travertine
Colour : Multicolor
Hardness : N.A.
Density : N.A.
Compressive Strength : N.A.
Water Absorption : N.A.
Porosity : N.A.
Weather Impact : N.A.
Application Areas :

Indoor & Outdoor Flooring, Wall Cladding Applications, Stairs and Ornamental Applications.


Though Marina Travertine is local travertine species of Turkey and has limited reserves and production; it will be indispensable for those who want to have private spaces. Marina Travertine has excellent results especially in the case of French or Roman pattern sets, which is preferred for outdoors with old surface finish. We think that the demand will increase even more in the coming years. Cross-cut products are recommended for those who prefer matt appearance in their places whereas vein-cut (Turkish Cut) is recommended for customers who prefers the waterways which are the original appearance of the stone. Marina Travertine cut-to-size products are applied generally as “deck flooring” because of the reason for the difficulty of attaching waterveins in large space applications. When Marina Travertine products are produced as cross-cut, it is easy to apply because it is produced as Roman or French pattern set. Marina Travertine is mostly produced as slab or cut-to-size material whereas it is also used for the production of split face or mosaics according to customer demand.

Known as the Scabos travertine similarity, the Marina Travertine is a type of travertine unique to Turkey due to its obtaining from certain quarries in Turkey. Thanks to its multi-colored structure, Marina Travertine, one of the travertine types with high decorative characteristics, will be the first choice of those looking for alternative travertine species. Due to the fact that the machinery parks of the factories manufacturing in Turkey are advanced technology, the production quality of Turkey is at the same level with other world producers and due to the large number of travertine quarries and low production costs affect price / quality of Turkish travertine types positively. Marine Travertine supplied very less when compared to other travertine species but its price is nearly the same level as others and is in high demand both in domestic markets and foreign markets. There is no other name known in the international market because Marina Travertine is a Turkish travertine species and is only obtained from certain quarries.