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Scabas Travertine Pool Edge Flooring Scabas Travertine Pool Edge Flooring
Scabas Travertine Flooring Scabas Travertine Flooring
Scabas Travertine French Pattern Set Scabas Travertine French Pattern Set
Scabas Travertine Cut-To-Size Flooring Scabas Travertine Cut-To-Size Flooring
Scabas Travertine Flooring Scabas Travertine Flooring
Scabas Travertine Garden Flooring Scabas Travertine Garden Flooring
Product Name : Scabas Travertine
Colour : Multicolor
Hardness : 3,5 (Mohs)
Density : 2.725 Kg /m³
Compressive Strength : 107,9 MPa
Water Absorption : %2,65
Porosity : %2,11
Weather Impact : Resistant
Application Areas :

Indoor & Outdoor Flooring, Wall Cladding Applications, Stairs and Ornamental Applications.


Scabas Travertine or Scabos Travertine is the generic name given to the multicolored travertines. Red colored scabss travertine stones based on color dominance on the surface of the travertine variety called as Scabas Rosa Travertines, yellow colored stones called as Gold Scabas Travertine and brown colored stones called as Brown Scabas Travertines. Scabas Travertine quarries are mostly located in Turkey and Iran whereas Italian companies import Scabas Travertine blocks processed in their factories and export to the world. The Scabos Travertine blocks are cut vertical to the water veins which are called as cross-cut in order not disturb the original appearance of the stone. Most of the products produced with Scabas Travertine varieties are exported to the United States due to high demand from this country. Most of the Scabas Travertine products exported to the United States are produced as pattern sets with tumbled or aged surface treatments. Scabas Travertine blocks are sometimes imported from Iran, where production quality is low, and processed in factories in Turkey. Because Scabos Travertine has multicolor structure it is also used for production of decorative materials such as mosaics, sinks, split faces, railings, fountains, garden ornaments, fireplaces, jambs, sconces and pillars.

With the opening of Turkey to the world, the quality of the natural stone sector has been improved both in terms of quality and price with the investments in advanced technology which resulted in increasing competition conditions. Turkish Scabas Travertines are among the leading countries with price / quality ratio when compared to other country competitors in the world. As a result of the fact that the machinery park of the factories manufacturing in Turkey is contemporary, different surface processes and different sizes can be produced from every country in the world. Due to low operating quarry costs and high production quality, Turkish Scabos Travertenines are able to produce with the same quality not only in narrow space applications but also in wide area applications. Scabas Rosa Travertine, Scabos Gold Travertine, Travertino Scabas, Scabos Travertine and Scabas Gold Travertine are some of the more well-known names in the world of Scabas Travertine.