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Medium Travertine French Pattern Set Flooring Medium Travertine French Pattern Set Flooring
Medium Travertine Wall Cladding Medium Travertine Wall Cladding
Vein-cut Medium Travertine Flooring Vein-cut Medium Travertine Flooring
Cross-Cut Polished Medium Travertine Flooring Cross-Cut Polished Medium Travertine Flooring
Honed Medium Travertine Flooring Honed Medium Travertine Flooring
Medium Travertine Wall Cladding Medium Travertine Wall Cladding
Product Name : Medium Travertine
Colour : Beige
Hardness : 3,5 (Mohs)
Density : 2.41 - 2.72 gr/cm³
Compressive Strength : 500.00 ~ 570.00 Kgf/cm²
Water Absorption : %2.6
Poroisty : %11,55
Weather Impact : Resistant
Application Areas :

Indoor & Outdoor Flooring, Wall Cladding Applications, Stairs and Ornamental Applications.


As its name implies, the selection between light-colored travertine and dark-colored travertine is the name of the Medium Travertine and it is one of the most exported and produced travertine varieties of Turkey. Due to its intermediate color characteristics Medium Travertine, which is obtained from many travertine quarries in Turkey, can easily be applied in all applications with its color and texture. In consequence of the clearness of water veins of the Medium Travertine, it can be produced by the vein-cut method known as the Turkish cut method whereas the cross-cut products is usually sold in as pattern sets in the United States and European natural markets. Turkish Medium Travertine, which is a travertine type that works with both light color travertine types and dark color travertine types, has been applied in many respected projects both in Turkey and in the world. The Medium Travertine, which has almost the same character and color as the Light Walnut Travertine, is generally produced as polished, raw, honed, tumbled or aged according to the customer's request. Turkish Medium Travertine, which is one of the important natural stone export items of Turkey for decorative purposes and used in the production of travertine split faces and mosaic products; at the same time, it is also used in production of sinks, railings, garden ornaments, columns, fountains according to customer demand.

Thanks to the high technology investments made in the Turkish Natural Stone industry in recent years, Turkey has the capacity to produce at world standards Medium Travertine products and exports them by producing the requested material by her customers all around the world. Compared to other country competitors, Turkish Medium Travertine products have a higher price / quality ratio. Low operating costs of quarries and high production quality raise the Turkish Medium Travertine products to the highest level in the world. From time to time, Medium Travertine blocks imported from Iran and produced in the factories of Turkey according to project based can be easily produced and exported with surface processing with any desired thickness and sizes. Medium Travertine products are sold in the same prices as Light Travertine varieties but it is also finding buyers at more affordable prices due to more production. The Turkish Medium Travertine, well-known travertine varieties of Turkey around world, is also known by many different names. Some of these names are Denizli Medium Travertine, Denizli Classic Medium Travertine, Medium Beige Travertine, Ivory Medium Travertine, Karaman Medium Travertine, Cream Travertine and Sivas Medium Travertine.