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Light Classical Traverten Floor Flooring Light Walnut Travertine Floor Flooring
Light Classic Travertine Wall Cladding Light Walnut Travertine Wall Cladding
Light Classic Travertine Bathroom Flooring Light Walnut Travertine Bathroom Flooring
Light Walnut Travertine Decorative Wall Cladding Light Classic Travertine Decorative Wall Cladding
Light Walnut Travertine Flooring Light Classic Travertine Flooring
Light Walnut Travertine Bathroom Cladding Light Classic Travertine Bathroom Cladding
Product Name :

Light Walnut Travertine, Classic Travertine

Colour : Brown
Hardness : 3,5 (Mohs)
Density : 2.510 - 2.600 kg/m³
Compressive Strength : 56.00 MPa
Water Absorption : %5.05
Porosity : %8,1
Weather Impact : Resistant
Application Areas :

Indoor & Outdoor Flooring, Wall Cladding Applications, Stairs and Ornamental Applications.


Walnut Traverten or Classic Travertine is among the most produced and exported travertine types together with Light Travertine of Turkey. Turkish Classic Travertine variety, which is divided into two main selections as Light Walnut Travertine and Dark Walnut Travertine, are among Turkey's major natural stone export items. Blocks that are cut in parallel to the waterways are known as Turkish cuts and they are mostly used in the production of cut-to-size materials. The cross-cut travertines, which is the perpendicular cut of the waterways of the blocks is also called as the American cut, is usually used in production as a pattern sets. Because aging and tumbling process applied to the Turkish Light Classic Travertines give an antique look to the stone; they are mostly demanded from United States or European markets. Turkish Light Walnut Travertine, which is one of the most frequently used travertine varieties in decorative split face travertine production, adorns thousands of locations every year.

Owned most of the world's finest and richest travertine quarries, Turkey is among the biggest in her region and the world's largest Light Walnut Travertine producer thanks to its high-tech investments in recent years. Turkish Light Walnut Travertine quarries are the most preferred types of travertine because of their high efficiency yielding less holes and their more homogeneous structure than their competitors in the world. Turkey's Light Walnut Travertine is one of the world's most sought-after and demanded traverten types in terms of price / performance thanks to low extraction costs and high quality production. Turkey natural stone factories have the production capacity in all sizes American and Europen countries demanded and they are among the most participating firms of natural stone fairs organized on the world level. Turkish Light Walnut Travertine is produced as a pattern set for more as aged and tumbled surface treatments for the US markets; for Europe and other world markets, it is produced with polished, honed or raw surface treatments.

Turkish Light Classic Travertine which is quarried mainly from Bucak and surrondings that are located in Mediterrenean region of Turkey and Denizli region has very clear waterveins and they can easily applied wide area applications. Because of the fact that Turkish Light Walnut Travertine is a type of traverten that is recognized all over the world it can known other names like Turkish Light Classic Travertine, Bucak Light Classic Travertine, Bucak Walnut Travertine, Denizli Classic Travertine, Denizli Walnut Travertine.