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Toros Black Marble Bathroom Countertop Application Toros Black Marble Bathroom Countertop Application
Toros Black Marble Countertop & Sink Toros Black Marble Countertop & Sink
Toros Black Marble Shopping Store Flooring Toros Black Marble Shopping Store Flooring
Toros Black Marble Waterjet Application Toros Black Marble Waterjet Application
Turkish Toros Black Marble Wall Cladding Turkish Toros Black Marble Wall Cladding
Toros Black Marble Waterjet Application Toros Black Marble Waterjet Application
Product Name : Toros Black (Toros Siyah, Taurus Black)
Colour : Black
Hardness : 4 (Mohs)
Density : 2710 Kg/m³
Compressive Strength : 135.57 MPa
Water Absorption : 0.163
Porosity : %0.5
Weather Impact : Resistant
Application Areas :

Outdoor Flooring, Wall Cladding Applications, Stairs and Ornamental Applications.


Toros Black marble is one of the good example of black colour who like to use black in their life. You can with complacency apply the harmony of white veins on pure black background in your your exterior and interior applications. Our Toros Black marble is mostly applied in fireplace claddings, ornamental products, bar counters, mosaics, sinks, columns, sculptures, monuments and tombs.

Turkey’s one of the well known marble species of Toros Black Marble is preferred in many application projects in general usage areas. Turkish Toros Black marble has the characteristic fact that the black base color is very clear and that there is a visually white veins structure on the surface. There are also different selection of Toros Black marble and these selections are also enjoyed by architects and presented to international projects. Thanks to the homogeneous structure and good pickling ability of polish of Toros Black Marble; high quantity production is made and sales are carried out to both domestic and international projects. The best preffered recommended size in terms of price / performance ratio is 2x60x60 cm. Larger sizes increase prices by raising the rate of waste material too much. Sales made from the factory are usually 2 cm polished slab. If you need Toros Black marble in different sizes and quality on a project basis, we will work on the project and give special price. The production made in our factory is also divided into groups by making selection and quality control.

Production of polished Toros Black marble slabs and cut-to-size materials are made directly from the factory and the blocks are supplied from the quarries located in Konya and around districts. Exports of the Toros Black marble to abroad are made from İzmir, Mersin or Gemlik ports. Small pieces after the production of polished slab and cut-to-size production are sent to other small factories and turned into Toros Black Marble split face or mosaic production for decorative purposes. Black marbles can work together with other marble groups. In CNC application processes, quite beautiful patterns can be formed together with Burdur Beige marble . The application of selection with white vein structure makes it important to follow vein immediately. A more consistent black marble application has been made by following the white veins. Toros Black marble adds value to your projects in your wide area applications and boutique application work. In high-dimensional projects, there may be color tone differences between slabs taken from different marble quarries. It would be more appropriate for Toros Black marble to be used in the general application area for the integrity of the project to be taken from a single marble quarry / factory. Toros Black marble prices vary according to quality and selection.

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