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Toros Black Marble Split Face

Marble split face types are used as wall covering products in many projects. Split face products add elegance to the applied area thanks to its pretty decorative appearance. One of the most demanded and produced type of split face products types are Taurus Black marble selctions. Split face products are mostly produced from small excesses of marble slabs processed in factories or produced from parts that are so damaged that it can not be used.

The raw material used for split face marble production is obtained from marble quarries or factories. The marbles in small sizes is passed through the blasting machine make them ready to the desired dimensions. After shaping and sizing the Taurus Black marble merging operations are applied through the required pattern according to the requested design. Because the sizes of splitted marbles are so small application of them is easier when they are combined in molds of 30X30 cm.

The main reason why the splitted marble is seen as decorative is that after the blasting process no treatment is applied to the surface and it is left completely natural. 100% natural texture of marble can be seen. Because the black texture of Taurus Black marble is so intense and the color transitions is so low apart from white veins; it gives very good results in the field of application.

Large sized Taurus Black marble split face applications are mostly used for exterior wall covering. For larger areas of coverage such dimensions like 8x12 or 8x15 cm give better results. Especially in the case of interior space covering small areas such as houses using a small dimensions such as 2.5x5 cm seems to be more pleasant to the eye. Depend on the design and your pleasure you can make special designs from split faces.


Usage of split face marble is quite extensive therefore there are many factories and production workshops specialized in natural stone splitting. The general usage areas of Taurus Black marble split face are; interior decoration, exterior wall coating, interior wall coating and business centers general decorations….

Because the Taurus Black marble split faces are protect their original structure project managers are highly demanded. White veins on the black density adds an extra visuality to the split face with Black Taurus marble. It is necessary to clean the split faces with black marbles that are used indoors against the soot and dirt. Spit faces that are used in outdoor applications protected by natural means such as rain and snow. Split faces with Taurus Black marbles are not recommended for exterior cladding that are too many sunny areas. Split faces with Taurus Black marbles that are constantly exposed to sunlight are fading over time.


There are many types and patterns of split face with black marbles. Prices vary according to the difference of the design and the type of marble used in the project. Taurus Black marble split face varieties are in the middle class products as price / performance.

Split face marbles are mostly produced with excesses of marble factories so as to their prices are quite affordable compared to polished marble slabs. Split face marbles recycle small marble varieties that are not a kind of useage area and brings them back into their life cycle. Due to the availability of raw materials at affordable prices, the split faces that are produced with marble varieties are sold at fairly good prices.


Split faces produced from black marbles application is very easy and clean. Because split faces with Taurus Black marble pieces are joined together in 30x30 cm molds and adhered side by side it is quite easy to apply coatings by placing them in a compatible manner in the application field.

The important isssue that appling Taurus Black marble split face is aligning the molds side-by-side and making them look harmonious. In the case of wall coverings with a difference in height its better alignment has to be done from top and leaving the difference part in the invisible lower part. Because each split face piece is different from each other vein tackle can not be applied when appliying split face with Taurus Black marbles.


We produce split faces with Taurus Black marble and other natural stones in order to offer different projects around world. For your high quantity split face projects we can make pre-negotiations for appropriate prices and helping you with your projects on custom design.

We have certain amounts of split faces with Taurus Black marble in our stocks everytime whereas we can produce high amounts or special sizes according our customer demand in a short time. Our customer may be desired to use different types of marble or travertine together with Taurus Black marble split face. We help our customer to get the best outcome in your work; by offering samples that can work in harmony with the black marble split faces.

We can sell split faces with Taurus Black marble both in domestic and international markets.