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Dolomite Marble Bathroom Wall Cladding Dolomite Marble Bathroom Wall Cladding
Dolomite White Marble Flooring Dolomite White Marble Flooring
Dolomite White Marble Wall Cladding Dolomite White Marble Wall Cladding
Dolomite Marble Wall Cladding Dolomite Marble Wall Cladding
Dolomite Marble Bathroom Application Dolomite Marble Bathroom Application
Dolomite White Marble Bathroom Flooring Dolomite White Marble Bathroom Flooring
Product Name : Dolomite Marble
Colour : White
Hardness : 3 (Mohs)
Density : 2820 kg/m³
Compressive Strength : 169.03 MPa
Water Absorption : %0.22 By Weight
Flexural Strength : 122.10 Kg/cm²
Weather Impact : Resistant
Usage Areas :

Indoor & Outdoor Flooring, Wall Cladding Applications, Stairs and Ornamental Applications.


The Turkish White Dolomite marbles, which have high reserves in our country, are mostly used for interior and exterior flooring and wall covering applications and monuments, countertops, mosaics, fountains, steps etc. Due to the high demand and limited supply of white marble and its derivatives, Dolomite slabs are found at very high prices such as other white marble varieties. The most important feature that separates dolomite rocks from marble is; they contain magnesium instead of calcium. The quality of the dolomite rocks determines the amount of magnesium they contain. Dolomites with a MgO content of 20% and above are evaluated as high quality. Turkish White Dolomites are very well known in the world and sometimes they are called as Marmara Dolomite, Bianco Dolomite, Pearl Dolomite, Golden Spider Marble, Marmara Dolomite Marble, White Dolomite Marble and Hóngxiàn Báiyù in China Market.

White Dolomite marble projects are especially prominent in recent years. White Dolomite Marble which is extracted from marble quarries in Marmara in Turkey is processed in the factories and exported abroad. Among the white marble groups, dolomite is separated by its structure. White dolomite marble products adds extra value to your projects and mostly applied in high-end projects in United States. First selection materials are left in the factories and presented to special projects. According to the block condition extracted from the quarries, the quality of the polished slabs are taken at the highest level by making quality discrimination. White Dolomite marble is preferred as a floor covering and wall covering in boutique projects, business centers, hotels, hospitals and villas. It is especially preferred in the floor areas 2x60x60 cm and wall covering 3x40x80 cm. The following of veins during the laying of marble with a gray vein structure facilitates the integrity of the project.

The gray and red vein structures entering into the structure of the stone reduce the quality of the white dolomite marble slabs. Horizontal gray veins entering the slabs that are preferred in the projects are accepted, but redundant amount of the red lines are not required. Due to the high demand, dolomite slab prices are determined according to the quality of the project on a project basis. The marble supply required for your projects is made by our factory. We specialize in special dimension cutting operations and stone separation quality control to help you in your continuous quality product design. Dolomite Marble exports are made from İzmir, Mersin or Gebze ports. The dolomite marble pieces left from the production in the plant are sent to the factory which produces the smaller split faces, mosaics and it is ensured that they are reintroduced in the trade. Depending on your projects, quality and quantity of dolomite marble production are made by selecting blocks from the quarries and delivered to you with 1st class workmanship.

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